Online privacy: A Community Effort

Dec 03, 2020

When we think about online privacy, we often think about our own personal data. However, there is another conversation to be had about sharing the responsibility of online privacy to prevent and protect our own communities from widespread digital breaches.

A potential risk for identity theft or credit card fraud exists within your own email contacts. If your community has not taken appropriate measures to protect their personal information, you are also at a higher risk of a cyberattack. If someone in your contact list is hacked, your risk of identity theft and other cyberattacks also increases. It’s becoming drastically important to protect our personal information so we can also protect others within our own community.

Online privacy is a community effort to reduce cyberattacks and prevent hackers. Share the responsibility by controlling your digital personal information.

Hackers and cybercriminals are here to stay as statistics grow to millions of data breaches each month. Large-scale cyberattacks are one of the biggest global threats we face and the conversation needs to shift towards prevention since a reaction to a large-scale cyberattack could be catastrophic.

While online privacy comes down to protecting our own personal data, there are more measures that can be taken to ensure our data is protected to help ourselves and prevent a widespread digital epidemic of cyberattacks. The average cost of a data breach can be millions of dollars with the highest cost of a data breach being $8 million in the US in 2019. Removing your exposed data can be the best way to start protecting your own identity and participating in a community effort to reduce the risk of a digital epidemic. Encouraging your contacts within your network to take responsibility for their own privacy is becoming essential to how you protect yourself.

Cyber fraud is one of the fastest-growing criminal activities. Your personal activity online can put you at risk of being a victim of a data breach or cyberattack but the activity of those around you also directly impacts your online privacy risk. Ensuring those whom you are connected with taking privacy prevention measures will reduce your personal risk and ideally participate in the shared responsibility to prevent a digital outbreak of cyberattacks.

There are ways to continue our digital activity safely. Online activity can put ourselves and others at risk but it does not mean we can’t continue our online presence safely. Small adjustments to our online habits can go a long way. Protecting our passwords, evaluating our social media behavior, considering where we share personal data, further monitoring our credit cards, and antivirus resources can ensure your data never gets in the wrong hands. However, there are also tools and resources to easily monitor and protect your data on your behalf.

It’s everyone’s responsibility to protect their personal data online to prevent widespread privacy breaches. Spartacus is on a mission to prevent a digital outbreak of cyberattacks and believes everyone should have direct access to better online privacy. If cyberattacks are the next digital epidemic, Spartacus is the vaccine. Prevent the digital epidemic by sharing the responsibility of online privacy prevention and enroll for FREE today.