How to see who's selling your Gmail

Nov 09, 2020

Tired of receiving emails you never signed up for? More than likely you are victim to a company selling your address to a third party for the purpose of marketing and selling you goods.

With a little effort, you can track down the culprit with a few easy steps. (Note: this Internet hack only works for Gmail accounts.)

Now, let's say your email is

Next time you have to enter your gmail on a website, instead of entering, enter it as:

Gmail won't compute anything after the '+', so the email will still get sent to your normal inbox.

For example, if you are ordering something from Home Depot:

Next time you see spam, junk, or a weird newsletter that you didn't sign up for, check and see if it was sent to that email address. This trick exposes which companies have sold your email address for their benefit.

Once a rat, always a rat, as they say.

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