4 Tools to Prevent Getting Hacked This Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday Nov 24, 2020

Cyber Monday is one of the busiest days of the year for online shopping, but it’s also a busy day for hackers looking to commit identity theft.  43% of online ID theft occurs during the holidays, which means that you have to be vigilant this upcoming Cyber Monday in order to avoid cyberattacks.  The holidays should be a time of joy, and with the help of these tools, you can enjoy nabbing those Cyber Monday deals in peace.  Here are 4 tools to prevent getting hacked this Cyber Monday:

1. Privacy.com

Using your debit card to shop online on Cyber Monday can open you up to cyberattacks that steal your card information.  Privacy.com offers an excellent solution by providing you with a virtual credit card that you can use instead.  You can use this temporary number to shop to your heart’s content on Cyber Monday without worrying about your debit or credit card information being exposed in a cyberattack.

2. LastPass

Cyberattacks often steal your username and password to hack into your various accounts and make purchases.  Diversifying your passwords is key to protecting your other accounts in the event of a data breach, but it can be difficult to remember a bunch of complicated passwords.  Lastpass remembers your passwords for you, managing them all in one protected application.  You can use Lastpass on any of your devices, logging in with Face/Touch ID or a master password in order to access all of your usernames and passwords.

3. DuckDuckGo

It’s an unfortunate reality that the things we search on the web are usually tracked and used to tailor ads to our specific preferences.  In fact, many of the items you buy on Cyber Monday may end up being from one of these tailored ads.  But hackers and other bad actors can access this same information, using it to target you in cyberattacks and phishing scams.  DuckDuckGo blocks tracking and allows you to search the internet privately on any device.  You can easily use their app, extension, or even search on their website itself to safely shop on Cyber Monday.

4. Spartacus

While each of the above tools can be useful to partially protect you from cyberattacks this Cyber Monday, Spartacus offers an all-in-one privacy solution.  Not only do we continuously scan your data to assess your online privacy risk, but we also monitor your identity and passwords to ensure your protection.  In fact, we’ll cover you up to $1 million in identity theft insurance in the event that you are a victim of cyberattacks!

Our product automates the removal of your personal data from over 100 third party data broker websites, notifying you along the way.  Lastly, we will send you alerts, notifications, and privacy support to keep you on the top of your game and help you avoid phishing scams.  Because with 41% of phishing scams tracked to fake holiday promos, we know that it’s more important than ever to be protected this Cyber Monday. Online shopping can increase your chances of being a victim of a cyber attack but Spartacus completely protects you.

Get 15% OFF of total privacy protection this Cyber Monday with Spartacus. Use code CYBER15 to protect your identity, avoid phishing scams and prevent getting hacked.